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Make Ready Nutrition

2ALPHA Ammunition Arctic Berry (Hydration, Stamina, & Immune Support)

2ALPHA Ammunition Arctic Berry (Hydration, Stamina, & Immune Support)

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2ALPHA Ammunition offers an innovative Advanced Hydration formula, also known as a performance powder. Engineered to hydrate, energize, and fortify immune health, 2Alpha Ammunition is tailored for shooters, gym enthusiasts, and athletes across all sports and recreational activities, adaptable to any climate.

Our unique formula replenishes the body with essential hydration and electrolytes, enhances endurance through ATP production, promotes muscle recovery with BCAAs, and provides sustained energy for stamina. Exclusive to 2ALPHA Ammunition, this formula is unmatched elsewhere. We stand behind our product with a 100% money-back guarantee for any dissatisfaction.

Containing 5g of sugar derived from D-Ribose, a natural sugar synthesized by the body from food sources, our formula supports vital biological processes, being a natural component of DNA and RNA. Experience the difference with 2ALPHA Ammunition."May Improve Heart Function in People With Heart Disease



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Love the flavor!!

John R
Always my go to

Drinking plain water can be very boring, so I make sure to take a scoop or two through out my day to keep things interesting. Like other have said, on match day, I mix a scoop of hydration and a scoop of preworkout, and that helps me finish strong. Lets be honest here, there are a bunch of hydration mixes/companies on the market. But those others could care less about the shooting sports, so lets make sure to support this great company

Thank you for supporting us John. We hope to see you on the range soon.

David Chukhman
Great taste and works wonders!

I was put on to this brand by some guys in the gym. Now I see why they recommend it. Great taste, hydration, increased stamina and great pumps! I’m hooked!

Tracy Welborn
This stuff is EXCELLENT

Been struggling to fish in the Texas heat this summer - even when the sun goes down it can be 95 go 100 degrees!!!
If I drink a glass of the 2 Alpha Ammunition I can go all day without getting "gassed" by the heat. Great Stuff.

Matt Knight
Won’t shoot without it.

Recently started using the advanced hydration as well as the recovery supplement. From the very first time I used this product I felt an immediate improvement in focus, stamina, and overall mental clarity. Shot one of the best matches I’ve had to date and continue to have matching performance on every stage with this in my bag. I won’t shoot without it ever again. You’re doing yourself no favors by overlooking make ready nutrition. This stuff has become as important as my match ammo and is a part of my range bag inventory.