Gregg Earnhart | Founder

From health and fitness enthusiast to competitive shooting athlete, Gregg Earnhart immediately noticed the lack of nutrition and natural supplements in the sport. After experiencing the extreme mental and physical demands required during a match, Gregg began researching and formulating supplements specifically targeting to improve athletes' energy, stamina, and focus for shooting sports, hunters, and fitness enthusiasts.

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Make Ready Nutrition's


To provide the competitive shooting community with informative content and high quality supplements, uniquely formulated to help athletes reach their highest degree of performance.

Make Ready Nutrition's

Core Values

Recognizing God

We believe in our hearts that involving God in our sport, workplace, and home is where we acknowledge his hand in all things.


We believe in making positive contributions of our time, talent, and leadership to the sport of competitive shooting and everyday life.


We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide quality products and services for our customers.


We believe in the importance of transparency in order to establish a foundation of trust with our customers and partners, resulting in long lasting relationships.

Golden Rule

We believe in treating our customers and partners exactly how we would like to be treated in regard to honesty, responsiveness, and follow-through.


If there is a problem or obstacle, we don’t wait on the other guy to fix it, we address the issues and take steps to correct it so we can all move forward