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working on it

still a little early but liking so far

Flavor & Performance

This is exactly what I need before a workout! Helps kick me into mood and sustain performance throughout my workout.

Great taste and works wonders!

I was put on to this brand by some guys in the gym. Now I see why they recommend it. Great taste, hydration, increased stamina and great pumps! I’m hooked!

Always the best!

I should know better than to think I’ll be surprised that one of Make Ready Nutrition’s products is good. I know inside they’re all good. That’s why I’m sold on the brand, the company, and the people.

Make no bones about it, I’ve taken protein supplements from all the big nutrition stores. This is just different. It really is tailored to our community. It’s for shooters by shooters. It keeps your mental focus and body fed while you perform. It’s good clean energy that promotes a healthy lifestyle on top of it all.

Definitely an essential in the range bag every match, local or major. Keep your edge and the hunger monster away.

Excellent product in every way

All around the best

Absolutely my favorite protein.. This stuff is awesome!! Mixes well, taste great and packs all of the essential ingredients to promote great health!!

Incredible stuff !

This stuff is EXCELLENT

Been struggling to fish in the Texas heat this summer - even when the sun goes down it can be 95 go 100 degrees!!!
If I drink a glass of the 2 Alpha Ammunition I can go all day without getting "gassed" by the heat. Great Stuff.

Best protein out there! I use it every day!!

Won’t shoot without it.

Recently started using the advanced hydration as well as the recovery supplement. From the very first time I used this product I felt an immediate improvement in focus, stamina, and overall mental clarity. Shot one of the best matches I’ve had to date and continue to have matching performance on every stage with this in my bag. I won’t shoot without it ever again. You’re doing yourself no favors by overlooking make ready nutrition. This stuff has become as important as my match ammo and is a part of my range bag inventory.

Way better than any premade drink you can buy

Yep. You read that right. The eternal skeptic I am doesn’t buy Body Armor drinks or the old standby Gatorade (yes, I’m an OG 🤣) anymore. This is way more portable, works better, and tastes better.

I stumbled upon it at Brian’s tent at CO Nats and fell in love. I always drink at least a bottle during a match or practice. It’s been in the 100’s with a heat index in the 110’s in South MS over the past few weeks. Shooting matches on Saturday and Sunday and I haven’t had any problems at.

Get some. You can’t go wrong.

Thank you, Billy!!! Your review is the exact reason we created our products. We created 2ALPHA products, 'For Shooters, By Shooters.' Essentially, 2ALPHA was made for YOU!

Again, Thank You for the support and we will see you on the range!

This stuff is great!

I first tried this at Carry Optics Nationals at the Hunters HD Gold tent. I’m not a big supplements guy, but this made a believer out of me. No shakiness but it still helps perk me up and makes me feel ready to make ready. Even in the heat in south MS it works great and doesn’t dry you out. I use it before every match and then during I switch to the Arctic Berry hydration formula.

These guys have really hit the ball out of the park with their products. I’m definitely a believer and an avid user now. I’ve even been known to make a drink up to take to work with me. This is so much better than all the other energy drink crap. You can’t go wrong with this stuff.

Thank you for supporting us Billy! We are super glad to have you as a customer and fellow shooter!!

2ALPHA Performance Berry Energy (Caffeine Free)

After using this product daily for over a month, we have felt the effects of using it. Completely eliminated commercial energy drinks from our shelves! Anxious to have it back in stock!!

Thank you, Tom, for your support!!

A shooter knows best!

Great product for shooters by shooters. Get yours!

Thank you Fabio!

Amazing product. Flavor on point and just a solid addition to gain protein and owners are amazing

Amazing flavor!

I love my artic berry hydration powder. It is delicious and keeps me hydrated during the hot weather in Texas. I also enjoy their chocolate flavor protein shake. It doesn’t taste like your typical protein shake! it’s delicious!

Thank you for your support Paola!!

Pre Workout secret sauce

I have been using the 2 Alpha Major Power Factor during my workouts at the gym for the last three weeks. Three times each week I do one hour of either HIIT training or Body Pump, followed by an hour of Body Combat. A total of two straight hours of high intensity training. I used to run out of gas towards the end of the first hour but now feel energized and ready to kick ass. I no longer have to power through the second hour but now I race through the second hour without having to hold back or pace myself. I get much more out of my workouts when using 2 Alpha energy.

Thank you for your support, Tom. We will see you on the range!

Protein and Recovery that’s Keto Friendly and Effective!

I have strict dietary needs and this hits all the marks… it serves as a high dose of protein and taste great! From a match perspective, I’ll take it before and after… especially effective on the recovery aspect for multi-day matches. I recently shot 2 major matches back to back days (World Pistol Shootout 2023)… and had energy and no soreness from an incredibly challenging match not only from the intensity of the stages… but the HUGE amount of walking required to go from stage to stage.

If it’s not part of your shooting/match regime… it’s an incredibly effective protein and recovery shake for just working out on hard days!

Thank you for your relentless support of us and our sport, Paul!

2ALPHA Performance Berry Energy (Caffeine Free)
Best Kept secret out there!

What’s unique about this energy supplement is that if I have a match late in the evening… I can take this (along with ammunition)… and not only have energy…. But I don’t get the challenges with sleep like I do with having Caffiene in the late afternoon and sleep like normal. It’s not a jittery, high spike, or hard drop off… you just have a steady amount of energy!

Sustained Clarity

I love combining and mixing with either Minor/Major PF energy. I find that it does keep my mind sharp and clear throughout the day… it’s funny when I have ROs commenting on how I have both a good amount of energy to not only shoot, but help reset etc… while maintaining my focus.

2 thumbs up

Yes I ride a Peloton, but hear me out. I’m two knee surgeries deep, work 10 hr days, and probably loosing testosterone. With that being said, I mix a heaping scoop of Major PF before I get on the bike. Major PF helps me overcome the demons in the back of my mind that tell me to grab a bowl of ice cream and park it on the couch. After this product takes a set, the tingle of a 1,000 spiders makes me feel alive and I can knock out a good workout, which hurts the feelings of the liberals on Peloton.

Thanks team for a great product

I appreciate your support, John! Keep crushing it on the range and that demon Pelaton :-)

Awesome Hoodie

The hoodie arrived quickly and I'm very impressed with the quality and fit.

Dragons Cup Limited Edition 2ALPHA Ice Shaker
Todd Ockert
Dragons Cup Shaker

I had originally bought one for my wife and then I took for myself. She wanted one because she liked infused water with mint from our garden. She loves her cup and takes it everywhere with her. Thanks for a great product.