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2ALPHA Performance Lemon (250mg Caffeine)

2ALPHA Performance Lemon (250mg Caffeine)

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Fuel your performance and energy with 2ALPHA PERFORMANCE Major PF (250 mg caffeine). Uniquely formulated to help conquer your goals, in the gym, on the range, on the hunt, or on the go. Take your performance to the next level! Ready? MRN-5-002-3-25


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mike Nash
working on it

still a little early but liking so far

Anthony V
Flavor & Performance

This is exactly what I need before a workout! Helps kick me into mood and sustain performance throughout my workout.

Billy Herrington
This stuff is great!

I first tried this at Carry Optics Nationals at the Hunters HD Gold tent. I’m not a big supplements guy, but this made a believer out of me. No shakiness but it still helps perk me up and makes me feel ready to make ready. Even in the heat in south MS it works great and doesn’t dry you out. I use it before every match and then during I switch to the Arctic Berry hydration formula.

These guys have really hit the ball out of the park with their products. I’m definitely a believer and an avid user now. I’ve even been known to make a drink up to take to work with me. This is so much better than all the other energy drink crap. You can’t go wrong with this stuff.

Thank you for supporting us Billy! We are super glad to have you as a customer and fellow shooter!!

Pre Workout secret sauce

I have been using the 2 Alpha Major Power Factor during my workouts at the gym for the last three weeks. Three times each week I do one hour of either HIIT training or Body Pump, followed by an hour of Body Combat. A total of two straight hours of high intensity training. I used to run out of gas towards the end of the first hour but now feel energized and ready to kick ass. I no longer have to power through the second hour but now I race through the second hour without having to hold back or pace myself. I get much more out of my workouts when using 2 Alpha energy.

Thank you for your support, Tom. We will see you on the range!

2 thumbs up

Yes I ride a Peloton, but hear me out. I’m two knee surgeries deep, work 10 hr days, and probably loosing testosterone. With that being said, I mix a heaping scoop of Major PF before I get on the bike. Major PF helps me overcome the demons in the back of my mind that tell me to grab a bowl of ice cream and park it on the couch. After this product takes a set, the tingle of a 1,000 spiders makes me feel alive and I can knock out a good workout, which hurts the feelings of the liberals on Peloton.

Thanks team for a great product

I appreciate your support, John! Keep crushing it on the range and that demon Pelaton :-)